Wokeness Theology

Wokeness Theology
Wokeness Theology

Wokeness – It’s not just a fad; it’s not just some suppuration from the boil that is Millennial culture; it’s not even just a sociopolitical ideology. It’s a theology. It meets all the criteria and has all the material and cultural trapping of one.

And worse, it’s a death cult.

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#BlackLivesMatter’s Theology

#BlackLivesMatter's Theology is the theology of insurrection and race war
BlackLivesMatter’s Theology

When you strip away the apologetics, this is the theology of #BlackLivesMatter. Like all uniquely Black theologies, the faithful of #BlackLivesMatter want nothing more or less than the destruction of America and either the eradication or subjugation of the White Race.

My fellow Americans, understand that, accept that, internalize that … and act accordingly for the sake of your families, your nation, and your People!

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