Assault Religion

Islam - The Assault ReligionIslam – The Assault Religion

Well, we’ve suffered through yet another Muslim terrorist attack here in NYC. And, yet again, it wasn’t because of assault weapons or assault vehicles. It was because of an assault religion, Islam.

Sadly, despite the various Liberal and Progressive claims to the contrary, Islam is either the root cause or a significant factor in all of these terrorist attacks. Indeed, the Civilized World would be wiser to call then Jihad Attacks as opposed to just terrorism. Terrorism, after all, simply defines methodology without addressing the real goals of the attack.

While the Usbek immigrant, Sayfullo Saipov could both easily and accurately be described as a disaffected loser, it was Islam that provided with with a “way out” of his situation. Islam’s specific treatment of Jihadis and Martyrdom makes this so and is the force that “triggers” Muslim losers to resort to terrorist attacks upon the peoples of the West.

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