Obama’s Next Four Years

America’s next four years are likely to be hard and frustrating. Obama’s next four years, on the other hand, are likely to be relatively pleasant, if a little vague.

Obama’s Next Four Years – Choom!

Obama’s already gotten the only thing he cared about – a second term so that he couldn’t be list as an abject failure as a POTUS. It’s all easy street from here on in for him and wife as they’ve got four more years of recurring lavish vacations that Americans have to pay for and no pressing needs that Obama really cares about.

You see, now that the elections are over, Obama can be more “flexible.” If he and Michelle wants to chill with a bong or blunt on a regular basis, that no longer really matters. And hey! It’s never too early for them to start teaching Sasha and Malia about their cultural heritage and how all drug laws are founded upon racism…

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