What Are You Smoking?

This is definitely a case when it doesn’t really matter what you put in the pipe. The pipe itself is enough to beg the shocked and horrified question.

What The Fuck Are You Smoking?What The Fuck Are You Smoking?

Surgeon General’s Warning: Smoking Cthulhu may cause lung cancer, night-gaunts, mi-go, shoggoths, and the end of the world. It may also impair breathing and sanity.

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Selling Fear & Loathing

As I’ve posted before, if Obama’s FDA and HHS were really trying to curtail smoking by Americans, the ads they’ve chosen will fail just as every previous attempt at social engineering of people’s habit through fear-mongering have failed.

Anti-Smoking Ad

On the other hand, disgust and loathing work better than fear in almost all cases. It’s just a matter of marketing. 😉

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WTF? Smoking Hot News

President-elect Barack Obama is a smoker! He hasn’t so far managed to shake his addiction to tobacco. Obama still either needs or enjoys a cigarette now and then. This is apparently newsworthy. WTF???

Variations of this non-story keep popping up across the MSM, much to my confusion and mild concern since this should be considered a non-issue by anyone with a brain.

Strangely it doesn’t seem to be the Right who are keeping this foolishness in the news; it’s the Left. Apparently the Stop Smoking arm of the Liberals has a problem with Obama’s cigarette habit. Has political correctness – and smoking is so politically incorrect as to be nearly as bad as being Pro-Life – reached the point that the Liberal-driven MSM has to keep reporting on this? Or is it just a “safe” topic that the MSM can take Obama to task for?

OK, people – Obama smokes cigarettes. He seems to favor Marlboro Lights. Why do any of you care?

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