Remember Your Ancestors

Remember Your Ancestors
Remember Your Ancestors

Two things: one, in my house we joke that poultry do remember, and are not stupid, just suicidally depressed at what they’ve become; and, two; scientists are already working on returning chicken to their therapod roots! 😯

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Coming Home To Roost

And bringing a whole new meaning and visceral understanding of the old axiom, “Chickens come home to roost,” I present you all with the picture below which I took back in September:

Chickens Came Home To Roost In The Hood

These chickens were stacked up, along with many dozens of other crates of them, right near where Bedford-Stuyveasant, Clinton Hill, and Williamsburg meet, i.e., all along the intersection of Myrtle Ave. and Bedford Ave..

It was a bit of an odd site. In most places the realities of where our food comes from is carefully and thoroughly hidden from view. Not so, apparently, in this area of Brooklyn and I, for one, am happy about this.

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