There Are Rules

America is a society of laws, rules, and regulations. That is its greatest failing and a symptom of the disease that may well kill her in the not-to-distant future.

There are just so very rules and regulation...
There Are Rules, Rules For or Against Everything

There are rules for or, more often these days, against so many things, even many things that we’d, as normal people, would never think anyone would make a rule about. 😉

But hey! The government is made up of lawmakers and law enforcement personnel. They need to justify and secure the future of their jobs somehow. Protecting us from ourselves is just the easiest way for them to do that.

And, by the Gods, dogs smoking and drinking wine while skateboarding is obviously a clear and present danger to society! Who knows what it could lead to.

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The canine community, realizing that neither the ASPCA nor PETA could provide proactive protection from thugs like Michael “Sick” Vick, has adopted their own countermeasures to some of the evils and risks of dogfighting:

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moar cute puppy pictures

And remember the Sick Vick Chew Toy makes a perfect training aid for your canine knight in shining armor.

UPDATE: While I’m linking to this image at LOLDogs, the original image is from the website of a professional armorer. His site is PITBULL ARMORY.

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