Float Of Shame

To what should be the everlasting shame of the US and of Pasadena, CA in particular, the Tournament of Roses Parade has chosen to include a float from the communist regime in Beijing. A Chinese Olympic float will be included in the 2008 Rose Parade, despite China’s ongoing human rights violations and willful environmental devastation. This will be a propaganda coup on par with Hitler’s 1936 Olympics.

For three months, the Visual Artists Guild, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, Caltech Falun Gong Club, Conscience Foundation, China Ministries International, LA Friends of Tibet, Justice for American Victims in China, Jews Against Genocide, New York Coalition for Darfur and many other human rights groups and volunteers have been trying to convince the City of Pasadena, CA to do the right thing and oppose a Beijing Olympics Float of Shame. This humanitarian initiative has been a failure.

To further show that the City of Pasadena, CA is in the pocket of the evil old men in Beijing, Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian on Tuesday, December 18th, rejected a proposal by critics of China to precede the Tournament of Roses parade with a human-rights march down Colorado Boulevard. This human-rights march would have been a 100-person marching band and a Human Rights Torch Relay about two hours before the parade. It had been approved by the Tournament of Roses planning committee.

Mr. Melekian, how much are the communists in China paying you to sell out our nation’s New Years celebration? How much more money will you ask to commit treason?

H/t to orangehairboy for the source!

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