Some people cannot seem to learn and apparently Al Gore is one of them. This would be even more funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Al Gore sues Time Magazine for recount of 2007 man of the Year election

Courtesy of Indianapolis Star – Gary Varvel – December 19, 2007

Apparently former Vice President Al Gore has filed numerous lawsuits against Time magazine, alleging a series of voting irregularities they maintain deprived Gore of Time’s “Person of the Year” Award. It has been announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin received the 2007 award, with Gore finishing second. Al Gore is in court once again demanding a recount.

“Mr. Gore has won an Emmy and an Oscar for his important work, not to mention a Nobel Peace Prize,” said a spokesman for the Vice President. “They don’t even have an Oscar ceremony in Russia. Who ever sees Russian films anyway?”

One of Gore’s suits accuses certain unnamed Time employees of denying others the right to vote when it was determined they were leaning toward Gore. Another suit claims the “Person of the Year” voting process is far too complicated to be understood by, to quote the lawsuit, “a bunch of journalists.” Gore’s lawyers are calling for a recount of the ballots in question.

One close advisor, requesting anonymity, claimed, “Putin is just the kind of civil-rights-trampling dictator the GOP loves to see in power. It would be interesting to sit down with those who voted and find out just how many have been subjected to Guantanamo-like coercion. Republicans knew Bush wouldn’t win, so this was the next best thing.”


This post is taken from from Pat Sajak’s satire of a possible reaction by Al Gore to Vladimir Putin winning the 2007 “Person of the Year” award.

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7 Responses to “Recount!”

  1. Steph Says:

    Ha ha ha 🙂

    How did he come second?!! What has he achieved for God sake? He made a worthy film that most of use if we’re being honest haven’t watched (I was bored watching the trailers) and really means nothing in the scheme of things, this idiot is going to have zero impact on climate change.

  2. jonolan Says:

    LOL Yep. Gore’s legacy isn’t going to be much. To be fair though, he’s now lost to both Bush and Putin. That has got to suck.

  3. Steph Says:

    I bet he’s glad he lost to Putin, otherwise he’d have to be very careful what he drinks. I was amazed that have decided that Gore was too uncharismatic to win the presidency the Democrats chose Kerry over Edwards!!!

  4. jonolan Says:

    I think that Edwards wasn’t strident enough in attacking the Republicans for the Dems’ tastes. Rabid attacks on the whatever party is seen as being currently in charge seems to be a requirement in modern US politics.

  5. expatbrian Says:

    Steph, no matter what your personal opinion, to call Gore an “idiot” and say that he has had or will have no impact on the climate change issue, shows your stupidity and ignorance (and probably your age as well). Jonolan, I know and respect your opinions on this but am still quite surprised that you agree with his drivel.

  6. expatbrian Says:

    BTW, If this story is supposed to be true, and being posted on an entertainers web page certainly does not make it so, I would like to see some documentation verifying it. Can you point me in that direction, Jon?

  7. jonolan Says:


    Did you read the last part of my post?


    This post is taken from from Pat Sajak’s satire of a possible reaction by Al Gore to Vladimir Putin winning the 2007 “Person of the Year” award.”


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