You Won’t Keep Your Doc

Obama The Liar-in-ChiefRemember back when Obama said that, if you like your doctor, you’ll be able to keep your doctor after ObamaCare became the law? Well, a big, total and utter lack of surprise – the boy lied just as he’s lied about everything.

If you’re of the millions who have been or will be forced onto the ObamaCare exchanges, you’ll more than likely not be able to keep your doctor. This is simply because the majority of doctors don’t seem to want anything to do with ObamaCare, or so a poll conducted by the New York State Medical Society indicates.

It appears that just approximately 94% of the doctors do not desire to be included in Obama’s signature and singular “achievement.”

  • 44% of doctors said they won’t participate in ObamaCare
  • 33% of doctors said they don’t know if they’ll participate
  • 23% of doctors said they’ll take patients from the exchanges1

1 – 75% of those participating doctors said they were forced to do so because of existing contractual obligations with an insurer or medical provider.

This lack of adoption of ObamaCare by the medical community has its roots in simple, pragmatic economics.  Only 23% of the doctors polled had been given a fee schedule to show much they’ll get paid if they sign up. This, of course, makes perfect sense.

Funny coincidence that. The matching numbers between those who’ve agreed to ObamaCare and those who’ve seen the fee schedule. Do you have to join in it to see what’s in it? 😉

Nor are the problem of a shortage of doctors or ObamaCare’s exacerbation of that problem a surprise; both solid, professional analysts and Liberal pundits have reported upon America’s current shortage of physicians and how, for a variety of systemic reasons, ObamaCare will make this worse – far, far, far worse.

ObamaCare Doctor Shortage - Voodoo Healthcare
Voodoo Healthcare – The Result Of ObamaCare

Approximately 40% of the doctors in America are reported to be suffering burn-out already, in no small part due to the fact that it is currently estimated by the Association of American Medical Colleges that America needed nationwide 13,700 more doctors of all types were needed than were available in 2010 and, with ObamaCare, this gap is expended to widen into a gaping chasm of a shortfall of 130,600 physicians by 2025.

Current practices are driven by the tyranny of the urgent. Doctors are on hamster wheels, giving patients 15 minutes

— Assistannt Director Asaf Bitton
Brigham and Women’s Advanced Primary Care Associates

So you’ll have health insurance; you’ll have to do so or face: fines, levies, wage garnishments, confiscation of personal property, and incarceration. After a great deal of searching and waiting you’ll even manage to get a few minutes with the gatekeeper of you healthcare, your primary care physician. The prognosis of the overall quality of that care, however, is not overly favorable nor is the expectations of how that will affect your health, wellness, and life expectancy.

But, of course, you’ll have technically exactly what Obama and the Liberals promised you – health insurance. The fact that you stand a good chance of suffering from sub-standard and/or limited medical care is largely irrelevant to those that foisted this ill-thought, chimeric abomination onto the backs of the American people.

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2 Responses to “You Won’t Keep Your Doc”

  1. Alan Scott Says:


    You just do not understand. Sometimes the people have to be lied to for their own good. What do you do when you are caught in a big lie? You just tell more lies. There are some who will never abandon Obama, no matter what. This Presidency has survived lies on the other scandals. Why should this one be different?

    The defenders are the ones I can’t stand. They fall into two camps. The ACORN street urchins who know a good gravy train when they see it. The others are the rich white liberals who have abandoned their souls for the cause of big government justice.

  2. jonolan Says:

    That I do understand. It is vital that most of the populace be either lied to or kept from learning certain truths if they’re to continue to have the lives that we want them to lead. What I don’t understand is how anyone could think that ObamaCare was for their own good.

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