The New Black

Just another screaming, angry buck niggerQueers, bisexuals, obese people, and some others have started describing themselves as the New Black due to their belief that their “civil rights” are being restricted.

Soon I imagine that the ephebophiles and polygamous people will join in calling themselves as the New Black while loudly bemoaning the supposed infringement upon their “civil rights.”

And oh how the Blacks hate it with a consuming and festering passion!

This, of course, makes perfect sense. It’s a direct attack upon Black identity. As Black Identity is based almost solely upon being the victims of oppression they’re loath to give up their unique victim status to any other group, none of which, in their minds, have or can ever experience the same perceived level of harm and oppression.

Essentially, the “Black Community” views any claims of “civil rights” violations by anyone other than a Black as an example of the most egregious form of cultural appropriation.

In some ways it’s ironic that the Blacks rant against others who they might be better served by joining with against the White, heterosexual American norm.  While ironic though, it’s to be expected since the “Black Community” is deliberately exilic in nature and rejects commonality with anyone else.

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