White Male Privilege?

In America these days we’re forced to hear a lot about privilege, especially “White Privilege” and to a somewhat lesser degree “Male Privilege.” And, of course, the upshot of this is that America’s domestic enemies promulgate the meme that the White Male is the source of everyone else’s woes.

You’ve got to love it almost as much as you love the truth of your White and/or Male privilege.

I Love My White Male Privilege

Yes, sad and frustrating to say, that is essentially the truth. Oh sure, one can argue the specifics of his claims – one can always argue the specifics of such claims, elsewise the clerisy would run out of grant requests – but in this case the devil isn’t in the detail, the devil’s in the situation as a whole.

So yes, my gentle readers, both racism and sexism are alive and well in America. They’re both also institutional if one can describe current culture and the laws and political rhetoric as an institution. It’s just that the racism, when correctly defined, is now aimed at Whites and the sexism is aimed at men. Hence, woe betide the “privileged” White Man.

Nor is this new. The shift in racism and sexism began generations ago in the early 1960s and has continued its degenerative path until this day. Indeed, the entire basis of “privilege” is nothing but a means to marginalized and silence anyone who speaks out against the ant-White racism and misandrist sexism of today. Once can not inaccurately call “Privilege” the new “Uppity.”

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