Boston’s Muslim Terror

Despite the Liberals’ not-too-unreasonable hope that the Boston Marathon bombing was committed by White, Right-Wing Extremists, the act of terror was committed by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who are Chechen Muslims who immigrated to America from Turkey.

Boston Terror Bombing
Boston Marathon Terror Bombing

Right now however, in the current absence of any real information, what we have are two terrorists who are Muslim but there’s no data to strongly suggest that their terrorism was part of Islam’s global jihad. Frankly, it currently looks more like an extrapolation of a “School Shooting” – just two pathetic, deranged, and rightly ostracized losers who wanted some attention and “payback” for perceived wrongs done to them.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the Tsarnaev brothers being both Chechen and Muslim didn’t contribute to their decision to become terrorists. Being raised in a culture and religion that are steeped in xenophobia, misplaced feelings of persecutions, and extreme and consistent violence certainly made their radicalization much, much easier. Also, their birth culture and religion placed them well outside and, at least partially antithetical to, the normative American culture that they were surrounded by, adding to their feelings of isolation and persecution.

It far too soon to determine what was these vermin’s rationale so it’s best to remember that, while the terrorists were Muslims, the Boston Marathon Bombing might not be actual “Muslim Terrorism.”

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Silence Will Ensue

President Obama Looking SadNow that the terrorists who committed the April 15th bombings at the Boston Marathon have turned out to be Chechen, Muslim immigrants, it’s pretty safe to say that Obama and his various proxies at the White House won’t have anything else substantive to say on the circumstances. Silence will ensue, except for, possibly, some vague promises of increased security, calls for “understanding,” and some form of apology on behalf of America to the Muslim World for our, once again, goading their spawn to violence.

I can’t see where the Campaigner-in-Chief or his handlers and overseers are going to want to talk much about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev since, not only are they immigrants, they’re Muslims and, while racially Caucasian, are honorarily Brown People. To say anything meaningful that was even slightly honest would interfere with- and undermine Obama’s current primary task of trying to make House Republicans look bad.

Yes, I’m willing to bet money that Obama and his coterie are royally pissed and disappointed that the terrorists didn’t turn out to be natural born, White, Tea Party-esq Americans. If they had been this would have been a crisis and tragedy that Obama could have continued to make use of.

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