Hillary Vows Nothing

Following last Tuesdays morning’s Muslim terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium that left at least 30 dead and 230 more injured, Hillary Clinton released a statement assuring her version solidarity with the Belgians.

Terrorists have once again struck at the heart of Europe, but their campaign of hate and fear will not succeed. The people of Brussels, of Europe, and of the world will not be intimidated by these vicious killers. Today Americans stand in solidarity with our European allies. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and wounded, and all the people of Belgium. These terrorists seek to undermine the democratic values that are the foundation of our alliance and our way of life, but they will never succeed. Today’s attacks will only strengthen our resolve to stand together as allies and defeat terrorism and radical jihadism around the world.

Hillary Clinton

Perhaps Hillary – to show cooperation with Europe of course – will confer with Germany’s Angela Merkel who has such a overwhelming success rate with dealing with Jihad.

How Can We Blame Muslim Terrorism On White ConservativesHow Can We Blame This On White Conservatives?

And make no mistake about it; the above image, while sarcastic, is also factual. Hillary’s on statement was a vow to do nothing to reduce the chances or scope of future attacks by Jihadis anywhere in the Civilized World. It may have been couched in high-minded seeming rhetoric but it was in fact an avowal of acceptance.

Clinton, like the preponderance of America’s Leftist enemies, both foreign and domestic, views Muslim terrorist attacks upon the West as a form of the Jizya that we must pay Muslim…because we’re racist, bigotted, and Islamophobic.

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Travel In Groups

According to De Lijn, a public transportation firm in northern Belgium, it can be dangerous to travel alone.

It’s Smart To Travel In Groups

Truth be told, I’m not sure what a Flemish person travelling in Belgium would really have to fear beyond possibly being mobbed by annoying French speaking Belgians or, as they prefer to be called, Walloons.

On the other hand, traveling in groups seems like sound advice for any Americans who find it needful to travel within Chicago’s South Side, Detroit, or any other of the Third World, Post-Colonial, cities within our borders. 😉

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