An Ark Through Time

An Ark Through Time
An Ark Through Time

Recognize this promo pic? I’d do. If you do as well, you’re probably an old grognard like me. Then, we had the best children’s TV, didn’t we? Yeah, Ark II was awesome. And, it was insofar as I know the progenitor of the entire Post Apocalypse genre of speculative fiction.

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Epic Hissy Fit


A Truly Epic Hissy Fit!

Sleestak vs. Gorn; the deadly hissy fit in history – or is that prehistory? – that never was but so should have been!

Fun Note: Part of what makes this image especially cool to me is how well put together it is. Land Of the Lost was from 1974; comic books were 25¢ in 1974-76; the art’s style matches Marvel comics of that era; and the Gorn was introduced in 1967. This comic could have existed!

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