Pumpkin Spice Girls

As it’s actually November and doing so wouldn’t enable to “seasonal creep” America is already suffering from, I feel OK’ish about joining in the promulgation of Pumpkin Spice. 😆

Pumpkin Spice Girls

Yep! 18 delightful pumpkin spice girls, all them ginger so as to fit in the season’s meme and eating / drinking tendencies. After all, ginger is a primary ingredient in pumpkin spice.

Pumpkin Spice Girls? Isn’t That Racist?

But isn’t the whole “White girls love pumpkin spice anything” racist? The answer is yes and no.  Objectively, the trope that White girls love pumpkin spice is a racist and stereotypical as the idea that Blacks love fried chicken, watermelon, and grape soda. However, that is an objective, fact-based reality that has no inherent racial component. In other words, Liberals, Progressives, and Blacks, using a narrative-based, non-objective  definition of what is or isn’t racist, will say that it isn’t and can’t be racist because the girls are White.

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