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Every crisis, catastrophy, or calamnity is also an opportunity and the discovery of the endemic support for baby raping and pedophiles at Penn State is no exception.

Penn State Pedobear Cap
Thousands Sold A Penn State Student Union

The new knot caps for the faculty, student body, and alumni to wear are selling off the racks at a phenomonal rate in the wake of discovering Jerry Sandusky’s unoffocial but approved extracurricular activities.

And thousands of Penn State’s students have expressed a fondness for these new caps. An aerospace engineering student, Paul Howard is reported to have said:

Of course I love these caps. Of course I’ve bought several. I’m trying to show my support for Mr. Sandusky’s basic human right to sexual freedom and for the coaching staff’s support for casting aside archaic sexual mores.

Other Penn State students have suggested incorporating the caps into some sort of Occupy protest and/or donating boxes of the caps to The Second Mile.

It’s so good to see the faculty and students of Penn State finding a silver lining in their pedophilia cloud that didn’t contravene their principles. 😛


NOTE: The above post is sarcastic fiction, though names and places have not been changed so as to punish the guilty. The image, however, is real; somewhere out there the pedobear cap is being sold.

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