Hands Up Not Handouts

Mixed CoupleBack in January, I passed along LaShaun Williams’ sage advice to Black women on how they should get it right and date, marry, and reproduce with White men as opposed to Black males. Recently it was pointed out to me – quite pointedly – that this advice only works if Black women have the opportunity to do these things with White men.

If White men don’t consider Black women as potential partners and mates, this advice wasted.

So, my fellow White men, we need to embrace the spirit of America being the land of opportunity. One could say, without being far wrong, that it is our patriotic duty to so and to consider Black women as well when reviewing our dating and mating options.

It’s No Act Of Charity

As you can see, gentlemen, adding Black women to the list of potential mates is not act of charity. In this case providing a hand up is no hand out; it’s enlightened self-interest. 😉

And, leaving beauty aside for a moment, Black women are somewhat more likely to be educated than White women. Based upon average yearly college enrollments, 9% of Black women have at least some college education whereas on 7% of White women do.

“Jungle Fever” is offensive and is degrading to all parties involved, so I’m not suggesting you make this a fetish of some sort. Similarly, I not suggesting that all things being equal, you choose to date and mate Black instead of White. No, gentlemen, I’m merely saying that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just White women.

Sometimes doing the “right” thing is not in any way a chore. 😉

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4 Responses to “Hands Up Not Handouts”

  1. Buffet Says:

    Sometimes it IS a chore. The operative word being ‘opportunity’. Despite your carefully selected photos designed to sway us to the contrary, try as I might, I simply CANNOT MAKE myself attracted to black women!
    Let me clarify, here and now, that I am NOT, I repeat NOT, in any way shape or form, a racist!!
    It’s not a matter of skin color either. I am quite dark complected for a caucasian of German/American Indian decent. I simply am not attracted to their particular physical features, and worse still, when they open their mouths to speak……..IT’S ALL OVER!!
    None of the above is meant to stereotype anyone, in any way, and I hope it doesn’t affend anyone. It’s just a strong personal preference.

  2. jonolan Says:

    If it’s a chore, don’t do it, Buffet. Affirmative “Action” is never a good idea and one cannot argue for or against personal taste with any sense or success.

    The simple fact that it’s clear you thought about it means you did give them the opportunity. They just meet your requirements.

  3. Buffet Says:

    Thanks for understanding and not judging.

  4. Buffet Says:

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