Branding Is Important

Branding, or naming something and giving it a distinctive look, is critical in the marketing world. It’s far more important to brand something – or someone – with a catchy name than to give an honest description it the product, service, or celebrity.

amy winehouse
Because Boozedumpster Doesn’t Have
Quite The Same Ring To It

On the other hand, it seems probable to me that society as a whole is more interested in watching the performance of Amy Winehouse’s self-destruction than they are in her musical abilities – such as what are left of them now are.

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4 Responses to “Branding Is Important”

  1. Personal Failure Says:

    I think a good example of the harm of Puritan values. Alcoholism and addiction are diseased mental states, mental illnesses. Unfortunately, we view mental illness as (a) somehow different from physical illness, and (b) a sign of weakness. If Britney Spears would just stop acting so stupid, she’d be fine. If Amy Winehouse would just get off her ass and quit drinking/using, she’d be fine.

    Buck up, in other words.

    If you know anyone with mental illness or addiction, you know it’s not that simple. The whole time Britney was spiraling downward, I was screaming “go to a hospital!” at my TV. I felt so bad for her. Amy Winehouse is the same way. She’s killing herself, and without help she’s not going to be able to stop.

    It’s sad.

  2. jonolan Says:

    To some extent – a very large extent really – “buck up!” is the correct societal response to the Winehouses and Spears of the world. They have the money and the access to a host of people telling them variations of “go to a hospital!” and yet they prefer to self-destruct.

    Yes; I said that they prefer to self-destruct. It’s their conscious choice to do so since they have the means at their disposal to seek treatment.

    Tangentially, I don’t believe that most of society finds it sad at all. We as a whole seem to actually enjoy the ongoing spectacle of these people’s slow-motion suicides. It is funny to watch them; there’s no denying that. It just doesn’t say much good about society that we find it so.

  3. zhann Says:

    I hate to say it, but more power to them … in all honesty, I despise the celebrity mentality of the world, and wish people would ignore these clowns and get on with their lives. Unfortunately, it seems human nature to follow the actions of the famous. If Winehouse wants to be a lush, so be it. If she dies young, I could care less. She had musical talent and will be remembered for it. Her life, as far as I’m concerned, bears no influence on mine so I could care less what she does with it.

    As for the comments on Alcoholism and Addiction, lets not forget the absurd amount of money she has. This plays a far greater role on her habits than a ghetto crack head that can’t stay off the pipe. While there are parallels that could be drawn, I think that these are completely different situation that should be treated independently.

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