Sick Vick Pleads Out!

Michael “Sick” Vick has accepted a plea deal to avoid additional federal charges related to a professional dogfighting operation, according to one of Vick’s attorneys. According to Lawrence Woodward, one of Vick’s defense attorneys, Michael Vick is going to enter a guilty plea to the felony conspiracy charge next Monday at 10:30AM.

Vick’s decision must have been fairly easy after his last two co-defendants pleaded guilty Friday and agreed in deals with prosecutors to testify against Vick if they were called to do so at trial. A third co-defendant pleaded guilty in July under similar conditions. Every ghetto thug knows to plead out after their friends roll on them; it ghetto standard operating procedure.

After sponsoring a multi-state dogfighting enterprise this ghetto thug will probably do somewhat less than a single year of prison time and have to pay a fine of some sort. Sorry, Sen. Byrd, they won’t execute him.

The NFL is still noncommittal on their own actions against Vick. While the NFL was still working on its own review of the case and is closely monitoring talks between Vick’s lawyers and prosecutors it is unlikely that they’ll place ethics before profit.

I hold out the slim hope that Michael “Sick Ass Ghetto Thug” Vick will contract AIDS during one of his hopefully frequent prison rapes.

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