What Americans Face

It’s now been a decade since America was attacked and violated on 9-11-01 by Muslim Terrorists. For ten years we’ve defended ourselves against the Jihad and brought death and destruction to our savage foreign enemies and their cultists insinuated within our borders.

But it’s also been ten long and painful years during which Americans have had to defend themselves over the objections and efforts of those forces within our country who hate the land they’re allowed to live in so virulently that they sided with and continue to side with and lend aid and comfort to America’s Muslim foes.

It is America’s domestic enemies that pose the greatest threat to our nation and out children’s future. Creatures like George Lakoff and his wife are the real, clear and present danger to America and its long past time for Americans to treat them as such, with all that such treatment implies.

My wife, Kathleen, and I stood gaping at the TV as we watched the towers fall. Kathleen said to me, “Do you realize what Bush and Cheney are going to do with this?” We both realized very well.

George Lakoff

That’s right; by Mr. Lakoff’s own admission, he and wife Kathleen Frumkin Lakoff’s immediate thoughts as they watched the terrorists destroy the World Trade Center was based upon hatred of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. What the Muslim Terrorists had just done and the deaths they had just caused was a distant secondary concern – if that, considering the Leftists’ views of the Americans who worked at the WTC.

This is what each and every American faces, the horrific fact that we’ve allowed our domestic enemies to live, prosper, and continue their clandestine war against our country from within.

It’s past time for we, the People to understand that and to understand that bullets in the heads of creatures like George Lakoff and Kathleen Frumkin will do more to secure our nation than any number of Hellfire missiles fired into Islamists’ camps half a world away, not but what we must continue to hammer the Islamists wherever they’re nesting.

Does that mean the Lakoffs should be killed? Personally, I don’t know; I haven’t yet had time to study the level of actual threat that they pose and such violence should be a considered response.

The real war for America’s future is here and it’s one that the people, not the government and the military must wage. We just have to remember two related facts: victory through force of arms is the lowest form of victory, and it’s foolish to not take the victory that you can get just because it’s not the one you wanted.

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3 Responses to “What Americans Face”

  1. Denis Mitchell Says:

    Always the enemy within. It is the weakening of a nation from within before the actual invasion that finally leads to its destruction.

    Let me tell you the tale of my two old Latvian friends. Lily lived in Riga, Latvia. She was a qualified chemist and married a minor nobleman who also was a Captain in the Army. They lived comfortably outside of Riga in a small manor house. They had several servants. There had been continual anarchy and socialist agitation for some considerable time. The government was shaky, institutions were attacked and all in all, things were not good.

    One day her servants came to her and said, “Madam, take your jewels and your baby and flee to the border, the Russian Army is coming!” She said, “What about my husband? He went to his command this morning, I must wait for him!” The servants replied, “Madam, you will never see him again..run for the love of God!”

    The Russians came that day. The first thing they did was to round up all the fifth columnists, agitators, inclusive of their own leftist anarchists. Along with everyone in the army from General to Sergeant, they were taken into the forests, shot and consigned to mass graves.

    She fled with her baby. After the war she was interned then came out to Australia with her son. On the boat she met another Latvian. He became her second husband. He to was from Riga. He was a qualified electrical engineer and was in charge of a power plant for the city. He confirmed Lily’s story.

    The day the Russians marched into Riga, rounding up everybody nominated on their well prepared lists of traitors, he found that his best friend had been made Political Commissar. His friend had also worked at the Power Plant. The Russians had actually recruited him at University some 25 years before. He was what is known as a ‘sleeper’. His task: to wait until the government of Proletariat of the Socialist Left, (Communist), was installed.

    John was then taken to Siberia. The power plant was dismantled brick by brick. And so with all its component parts, was numbered, boxed and sent by train to Siberia also. It took John some years to get away and finally come to Australia.

    My point is that our enemies are not at our gates. The ‘sleepers’ are well entrenched. They fill our Universities, Colleges and the Public School system. The Public Service is full of them. They are worse than the ‘Copperheads’ that nearly destroyed Abraham Lincoln’s Administration at the most crucial part of the War Between the States.

    If you can salvage the current mess in the United States through the ballot box, then jolly good luck to you. But I fear the ‘Winter of Discontent’ is upon all of the Western Democracies. My own in Australia included. Denis Mitchell.

  2. Wouldn't you like to know Says:

    When I first read this I thought it was satire. Too bad it isn’t.

  3. jonolan Says:

    Well, you’re from CA. This post was about your kind. I’m gratified that you didn’t care for it.

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