Comparing Dreams

The goals, hopes, prayers, and dreams of men are as much a weather vane of their worth and character as their actions. This is especially true of those men who make their living their livings via words rather than deeds, such as Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton.

Glenn Beck v. Al Sharpton - Comparing Their Dreams
Comparing The Dreams of Beck and Sharpton

The image above pretty much sums it up, although we can’t really compare the two without running afoul of political correctness. Judging them each by the exposed content of the characters would be decried as racist if we didn’t lower the bar of our expectations and judgement for Sharpton.


OK, to be heartlessly fair, the hopes and dreams of Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton are actually quite similar. Both are media pundits and demagogues and both merely hope and dream of continued wealth, fame, and relevance.

Also, I personally have found both of them to be painful to listen to for any length of time, Beck due the histrionics his delivery and Sharpton due to base evil of his content.

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