Real Immigration Reform!

Judge's Gavel on American FlagThe US Supreme Court has dealt Obama, his Liberals, and the illegal immigrant filth and their treasonous enablers a serious, though sadly non-fatal blow. The SCOTUS has, in a 5 – 3 decision, upheld Arizona’s illegal-worker law, the Legal Arizona Workers Act of 2007.

It has been dubbed the “Business Death Penalty” because it allows Arizona to shutdown businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Specifically it allows Arizona to suspend the business license of any company that knowingly hires illegal immigrants for a minimum of 10 days upon the first offense and permanently upon the second or later offense. It also mandates that companies must use the federal governments E-Verify system to validate hirees’ employment eligibility.

This is the true beginning of immigration reform – real immigration reform – because it strikes at the festering core of illegal immigration by punishing those within America who enable, aid, abet, and profit off of these criminal foreign invaders.

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4 Responses to “Real Immigration Reform!”

  1. Debra Says:

    Unless one is a native American Indian, then he or she (or his/her forefathers/mothers) were immigrants once. Quite how one squares this with closing the door to opportunity after he/she has himself/herself already scuttled through, I don’t know. Do you?

  2. jonolan Says:

    I “square it” by looking at both the changing times and needs which no longer have a valid place for such immigration and by looking at the very piece of history that you bring up.

    The indigenous populations of North America were faced with immigrants from a completely different culture who absolutely refused to assimilate into their new host cultures.

    Look what happened and tell me why we shouldn’t learn from that historical lesson rather than doom ourselves to repeat it.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    Jonolan ,

    But this is all beside the point . Obama the Great declared the border secure . He said that Republican demands have more than been met , but the dastardly Republicans cannot be satisfied .

    I want to know one thing . Does President Obama ever tell the truth ? Every single time he opens his mouth , another lie pops out . And his fans cheer him for it , because he wins . Lies don’t matter . It’s about defeating Republicans . The Charlie Sheen complex . As long as they are ” winning ” they want him to tell lies . The bigger the better .

  4. jonolan Says:


    I would say that Obama does, upon rare occasion, speak the truth – but only when it is either safe for him and his re-election agenda to do so or when there is no capability for him to successful lie. The latter, given his regime’s reliance upon divisiveness, class envy, and race-baiting is a sadly rare occurrence since they can normally spin almost any dissent to their favor insofar as his base is concerned.

    Insofar as securing our nation’s southern border is concerned though, I’ve written before about few people and fewer politicians have the will to do it.

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