Freedom Then And Now

Despite the near mindless ravings of Liberals and the ofttimes self-serving rhetoric of professional GOP politicians and operatives, America’s Founding Fathers were quite Conservative. They would have had much more in common with Sen. Ron Paul than with most others in government today.

In no manner is this better illustrated in the Founders attitudes towards freedom and individual liberty contrasted against the modern, Liberal view of these things.

Con v. Lib Views Of Freedom

Conservatives today still agree with the founding principles of America – that our freedoms and liberties are divinely granted; that the Constitution merely enumerated them; and that the government is bound not to infringe upon them.

Liberals, on the other hand, do not agree with the founding principles of America. They believe that whatever freedoms liberties that we enjoy today come from the government and that it’s the duty of the government to regulate those freedoms and exact payment for them.

This is one of the most glaring dichotomies between Conservatives in America and the Liberals and Progressives that they are destined to defend America against. How can it be otherwise when the Liberals place the secular government over both we, the People and Heaven itself?

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