America Needs…

There is no doubt in any sane person’s mind that Obama rose to power on a three part platform: that he wasn’t President Bush; the “Magic Negro” promise; and his avowed belief in far Left, Socialist policies. These three points are what allowed him to garner enough funding to buy his way into the Presidency.

The first two are important only in future historical context and as an object lesson in real racism; the reactionary nature of the electorate, and ethnoguiltism and racism are well established phenomena. It is only the third leg of Obama’s platform that really matters right now – his left-wing, socialist demagoguery based upon the postulate that America needs to be fundamentally changed.

Obama - We need to destroy their very fabric of America
We Need To Fundamentally Change America

Obama’s professed racially tinged Liberal and/or Progressive ideology is important for two reasons:

  1. It was and is the rationale used by many for supporting Obama. White Leftists supporting him can claim that they’re doing so based upon his policies instead of his race.
  2. It’s Obama’s avowed ideology that stands the real chance of further damaging America because he has to show that he’s making a concerted attempt to fundamentally change America into a European style, neo-Socialist quasi-nation subordinate to extra-national powers, and any success that he has in this will be a failure for America.

The sole bit of good news is that Liberalism and Progressivism, seasoned with racial angst, are only Obama’s professed and avowed ideologies. The boy is far to narcissistic, self-centered, and small to let any of his supposed beliefs get in the way of his legacy. This means that he’s controllable through his own weakness and that Americans, if they maintain or expand their control of Congress, can blunt most of his actions and policies that would harm America.

Hehe…Keep control of the House and get a few more seats in the Senate and Americans can impeach, convict, oust, and imprison or even hang Obama over Libya.

There’d be a certain joy – Schadenfreude certainly – in forcing the Liberals and Progressives to defend the President’s “right” to engage in illegal wars.

No, Obama is eminently defeatable even if he manages to shuck, jive, lie, and demagogue his way into a second term; he’s just a selfish, spoiled, little boy playing at being a man and, like all such brats, it just takes a firm hand to keep him in line – the last three years have proven that.

If Americans can keep their eyes on their local and state legislatures and upon the Congressional elections, we can look at Obama and, when he acts outs, metaphorically say, “Go to your room, boy!”

America needs, not to be fundamentally changed, but to fundamentally changed back into the great, shining beacon of freedom, liberty, responsibility, and pride that is meant to be – and, if Americans keep a firm hand on the strap, we can do that irrespective of whether or not Obama is continued to be allowed to be President.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down.

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2 Responses to “America Needs…”

  1. R. Kelly Says:

    Wow…”jive”…”boy”…”hand on the strap” (syn: whip)…wow.

    You have some major issues, Jonolan. And I’m just the person to point them out to you.


    Why don’t you take your gilded-age mentality and go back in time when seperate but equal was actually great “in theory”. You’re nothing but a mean-spirtited cretin of the worst kind…you write decently but your vitiriol against secular, humanistic progress (in line with Sweden and other great European countries) is exactly what this good ‘ole country does NOT need. Not after the progress of the 1920s, 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60 and 70s. The scientific gains brought about by Goverment policy; social safty nets that cut across race lines (I know more white trash in Maine who live off of SS and Welfare…it would turn your head upside down…. boy.) No, no…your philosophy is backwards looking and not needed right now. Go hide under a rock or a bomb shelter or what-ever you right-wing whackos do when you’re scared: which is most of the time. You rally have a fear of change, don’t you? Wnat to fo back to the good ‘ol days of 1870? 1840? 1776? Hmmmm? Can’t do it, boy. Can’t be done. Sorry. Not today.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Go back to developing your collection, Mr. Kelly. Once you described secular humanism as “progress” you identified yourself as part of what is wrong with America.

    You might also, if you’re going to work in a library, learn to spell or type. You’re sorely lacking in skills in one of fields though I cannot from a single sample tell which.

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