Are We A Disapointment?

The American EagleA recent Gallup Poll showed that most of America’s adult residents continue to say they are proud to be an American, including 57% who are extremely proud and 28% who are very proud. That pride, however, didn’t extend to how the government and the courts have behaved in recent years or to believing that the Founding Fathers would approve of the way the United States has turned out after 237 years.

When asked, “Overall, do you think the signers of the Declaration of Independence would be pleased or disappointed by the way the United States has turned out?”

  • 71% said that they’d be disappointed;
  • 17% said, “No habla ingles;”
  • and 12% said, “Shit, Nigga! What the fuck do I care about what some bunch of old, dead Crackers be feeling? They was slave owners, ya know?”

Some think that this doesn’t bode well for our nation’s future. Others are just scratching their heads and wondering how so many can be so proud of being America while at the same time believing that America of today would disappoint those whose vision and courage gave rise to her.

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