An Ancient Horror Awakened

An Ancient Horror Awakened – Cthlippy

People! Raise your children correctly. Raise them with an awareness of the ancient evils that stalk the dark, chthonic recesses of the world… and our CD cases. Raise them to properly fear the eldritch horrors that we, after many losses to madness and damnation, finally sequestered away.

Cthippy Waits Dreaming
Do Not Awaken Him!
In His Application Suite Dead Cthippy Waits Dreaming

He waits, dreaming dreams of madness and the rending of the souls of Man. Do not be a fool! Teach your children to never awaken the ancient, eldritch horror that we locked away behind 32- and 64 bit wards.

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  1. Alan Scott Says:

    For years I kept a spreadsheet in Microsoft works 4.0 from my first WIN 95 computer circa 1997. I am now using WIN 10 and it still works though I had stopped adding to it years ago. The amazing thing is that I sent the spreadsheet to my tax accountant and they were able to use it to do my taxes and calculate capital gains from many years ago.

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