That Isn’t Diversity

Helen Thomas - Dean of the White House Press Corps and filthy,subhuman antisemitic Arab verminHelen Thomas, now infamous Arab anti-Semite and Bint ash-Shaitan can’t keep her jabbering maw shut and her o’erweening love of Muslims concomitant hatred of Jews to herself, and Americans keep punishing her for that continued and utterly unacceptable failing.

Most people would learn, especially after being publicly and nationally disgraced and condemned and having ones entire life’s work rendered meaningless. Not Helen Thomas though; she doesn’t seem to have the capacity for learning.

Thomas’ alma mater, Wayne State University has decided to stop awarding it’s Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity Award due to Thomas’ continued and escalating anti-Semite rantings.

Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists.  No question.

— Helen Thomas
Arab Detroit Workshop, December 2, 2010

The world has heard this sort of thing many, many times in its history. In point of fact, Helen Thomas did little more than parrot an extremely terse and slightly updated synopsis of the Protocols of the Learned Elder of Zion, first published in 1903. Surprisingly, this dessicated and extraneous-to-society Arab sharmuta didn’t also include reference to Blood Libel despite it’s being always a particular favorite among anti-Semite vermin.

Of course it’s slightly different when an Arab such as Helen Thomas mouths such things before a grouping of Muslims who’ve gathered in their preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, and victimology in order to foster compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity. Done within that context, it’s tantamount in all but law to calling for a second Ha-shoah.

It’s is certainly right and proper for WSU to eradicate anything that references Helen Thomas. Any award in her name, especially one for diversity, would be an abomination.

Things aren’t going completely bad for the rabid Arab anti-Semite though. In the wake of her first egregious public display of antisemitism, which led to ignominious end to her career, the Muslim Brotherhoods front-group, CAIR, gave her a lifetime achievement award at their leadership conference last October.

I’m sure that actually means more to her than WSU’s efforts, just as I’m sure that Thomas’ rant in June meant more to CAIR than anything else Thomas had done during her life.

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