C'Ya Next Year!

C'Ya Next Year!
C’Ya Next Year!

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas, aka Christmastide are over and I assume Santa is off for some much-deserved rest, relaxation, and recreation. 😉

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2021, 12th Day Of Christmas

And So, The 12th Day Of Christmas

And so, it is the 12th Day of Christmas and the end of Christmastide. May you all have had a blessed and beautiful Yuletide holiday season.

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2021, 11th Day Of Christmas

The 11th Day Of Christmas Is Upon Us

The 11th Day of Christmas is upon us. So let us all remember to get just a bit more present unwrapping and celebration of the holidays in.

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2021, 8th Day Of Christmas

It’s The 8th Day Of Christmas

It’s the 8th Day of Christmas, so get back to unwrapping your presents and enjoying this seasonal holiday.

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2021, 4th Day Of Christmas

The 4th Day Of Christmas 2021

Just some beautiful reminders that this is the 4th Day of Christmas, this 2021st year of the modern calendar. Also, reminders that, since you’re probably still working from home, you can celebrate any time during the day. 😉

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