2021, 12th Day Of Christmas

And So, The 12th Day Of Christmas

And so, it is the 12th Day of Christmas and the end of Christmastide. May you all have had a blessed and beautiful Yuletide holiday season.

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2021, 11th Day Of Christmas

The 11th Day Of Christmas Is Upon Us

The 11th Day of Christmas is upon us. So let us all remember to get just a bit more present unwrapping and celebration of the holidays in.

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2021, 9th Day Of Christmas

It’s The 9th Day Of Christmas

Well, since it’s the 9th Day of Christmas, treating yourself to 9 ladies dancing seems an appropriate way of celebrating the Yuletide season. 😉

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2021, 8th Day Of Christmas

It’s The 8th Day Of Christmas

It’s the 8th Day of Christmas, so get back to unwrapping your presents and enjoying this seasonal holiday.

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2021, 7th Day Of Christmas

Celebrate The 7th Day Of Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Well, hopefully, you’re not home alone – pun very much intended – and can celebrate the 7th day of Christmas in the best way(s) possible. 😉

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