Denouncing Normalcy

Hating Mother's Day Is Denouncing NormalcyHating Mother’s Day Is Denouncing Normalcy

Sunday was 2017’s Mother’s Day and it passed with somewhat more issues and complaints than in previous years. Apparently, to certain sorts Mother’s Day is offensive.

Some of some sort’s complaints about celebrating Mother’s Day:

  • It’s inherently “gendered”
  • It’s glorifies motherhood and elevates mothers
  • It’s homophobic
  • It’s misogynous

The one thing that all of these complaints have in common is that they are all based upon denouncing normalcy as wrong, bigoted, and evil because, and solely because, the abnormal aren’t part of it. That’s the our domestic enemies think and/or emote; to them, anything that isn’t explicitly inclusive of abnormal, non-normative, or minority groups, individuals, and/or behaviors is bigoted, hateful, and wrong.

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