The Coexistence Fantasy

There is, and has been, this ongoing fantasy about the various and disparate religions and ideologies coexisting in peace and, presumably, mutual respect.

Can't We Just Coexist in Peace?
Can’t We Just Coexist in Peace?

Unfortunately, like all fantasies, at some point – for those, at least, who aren’t utterly insane and lost in delusion – the waking world and reality intrudes upon the fantasy.

Coexist? - Run Away
Infidels! I Will Kill You!

That’s the problem. Islam, the religion of war, terrorism, and sundry abuses of the soul doesn’t want to coexist. It wants to conquer and supplant all other religions, philosophies, ideologies, and political system. It’s cultists do not, and cannot while still being Muslims, work or play well with others.

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