A Muslim Valentine

While it true that Muslims are forbidden from celebrating Valentine’s Day because they are forbidden from celebrating any and all Infidel holidays, one has to expect that many of them do so anyway.

Of course, Muslims being Muslims and not wanting to behave too much like the Infidels, they put their own “special” spin on it…

Abdul was always such a suave player
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Again, like people, romance tends to be brief among Muslims and relationships do not always proceed happily. This is neither more or less common among Muslims than it is amongst Infidels. The Muslims just have some superficial cultural differences in the details…

Muslim Love and Marriage
Of Course Romance Fades

Yet, like almost all religions, Islam places a premium on families so many Muslims manage to keep their relationships going…

A happy Muslim wife
But A Solid Relationship Will Last

Of course, keeping Muslim relationships going strong is a matter of communication, compromise, and the occasionally “rough and tumble” give and take between husband and wife. 😉

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  1. Buffet Says:

    I guess it goes w/o saying that their chics are Godawful ugly?
    No wonder they’re so angry.

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