Coyote Ugly

The Democrats have a problem. They got drunk on class warfare, ended up in bed – or up against a wall in a piss-stinking alley – with the anti-American, criminal slackers of OWS, and are now faced with the problem of a “coyote ugly” morning after.

Coyote Ugly - Gnaw arm off...
Gnaw Off Arm And Crawl Away…

Now it’s up to Americans to make sure that, come the 2012 elections, the Dems have to make that “walk of shame” right out of office and right out of history – except as a footnote on failure. 😉

Truth be told though, I’m not sure that “shame” can play a part in this. Democrats don’t seem to have the capacity for shame and whored themselves out to OWS knowingly. Now it’s not shame that drive them; it’s morning after regrets and the fear of what diseases or vermin they may have contracted.

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