Who Wore It Best?

Who Wore It Best?
Who Wore It Best?

That Iconic outfit. Who wore it best – North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Fiction’s Dr. Evil, or Hillary Clinton?

Now normally I wouldn’t bother posting this even as a joke. Fashion sense is hardly a decent metric for determining a person’s qualification for political office. However, just like all political candidates, Hillary’s wardrobe is part of her marketing and is made up of deliberate choices intended to identify and iconify her brand. Hence, her trend to choose variations of this particular outfit does have some significance and does raise some serious questions about her and her followers.

Again, whatever Clinton wears is a deliberate, controlled choice meant to project the image she and her campaign think will resonate with her likely voters. What does it say that she chooses an outfit most associated with dictators and would-be dictators?

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  1. Tonty Says:

    I think the chap in the middle is Dr Evil. I’m not sure he’s a real person.

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