Climate Qualifications

The majority of the thinking world believes that Obama is far from qualified to speak upon Climate Change, not that such the Warmists would ever let a lack of qualifications stop them from applauding anyone who agreed with their doomsday cult’s dogma.

Obama's a Weather Man
Just Who Made Obama a Weatherman?

The thing is though that the boy is, in fact, eminently qualified to to speak upon Climate Change, what with Bill Ayers having spent years training Obama in the ways of the Weather Underground. 😆

Besides, who’s better qualified to speak of Global Warming than a world “renowned” Mendacitologist such as Obama?

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2 Responses to “Climate Qualifications”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    I never thought of global warming as a doomsday cult. It fits.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Well, it always seemed like one to me, Alan. At least the rank and file Warmists always struck me that way.

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