Chomsky And The Shark

Noam Chomsky has for decades been a guru of the Leftists. The Liberals and Progressives have sucked down his repetitive attacks upon America, swallowed, and begged for another load. That might have just changed though because Chomsky has in all likelihood, in the eyes of the Left, just jumped the shark.

Chomsky, among other things, just he called Obama a murderer.

Don’t expect to hear or see much about this in the Lamestream Media. They’d be too conflicted as to who to side against and who to protect to let this hit the national airwaves.

Actually, so far, it’s being largely hushed up by the people controlling the Left. They seem to be using their normal tactic of silencing dissent and violations of acceptable groupthink on Chomsky, much as they tried to do with Sarah Palin. That, in itself, is quite telling.

My guess is that Chomsky just lost his following by attacking Obama and will now be heavily censored by the Left, with only approved speeches, articles, and interviews receiving widespread dissemination – at least until after the 2012 elections in November.

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