Americans’ Greatest Fear

Americans’ greatest fear is not Muslim Terrorism. The Muslim terrorists, even when – it’s not an “if” – either Pakistan, North Korea, or Iran arms them with nuclear weapons, cannot do as much lasting harm to America as our government’s failed and/or misguided policies can do.

Generational Unemployment
We’re Just Lucky Your Grandparents Couldn’t Sell Their House
And Buy That Condo To Florida

No; American’s greatest fear is that we and our progeny, and perhaps their progeny as well, will be saddled with a collapsed and overburdened economy that results in generational unemployment.

And really, how bad could it possibly be? The urban Black population has had several generations in which a large number of their families had no family members who had ever been consistently employed and look how well they’re doing…Oh wait!

On the bright side, once well-established families families having to move back in with their parents will bolster the employment of divorce lawyers once the In-Law Factor takes hold. 😉

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