Hit The Road, Barack!

America needs a new President
Hit The Road, Barack!

Too little, far too late and pointless beyond symbolism but, given that Obama and the Liberals’ and Progressives’ chosen replacement for him, Hillary are also largely pointless beyond symbolism, a very well-done cover from Newsweek.

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When Gods Fall

Really, Newsweek? Newsweek!?! What happened? Did the Campaigner-in-Chief’s spending issues force him to miss a “payment?” I really can’t believe your rag, of all the Leftist lie purveyors, has turned against your precious Black Messiah.

Obama - God Of All Things
Obama – Once The God Of All Things

Back in November, 2010 Newsweek depicted Obama as a God, specifically Shiva, in their Obama apologetics piece in which they strove to excuse his failures by stating that the job of POTUS had grown so large that not even a God, such as Obama, could perform it anymore.

It’s apropos that they depicted Obama as Shiva, the Hindu’s God of Destruction, with his left raised to smash something – America? – out of existence. I wonder if they realized the significance.

Things have obviously changed though. Either Obama and DNC haven’t kept up with their payments to Newsweek, the Obama Regime’s ongoing attack on a free press has finally pissed off even Newsweek, or the rag’s leadership has had a crisis of faith.

In any event, their god, Obama has fallen and when gods fall it’s a messy business filled with much bitterness and disillusionment. This is clearly – blatantly, even – evident in their latest cover and cover story. It’s a straight-up call for Obama’s removal from office.

Barack's Gotta Go - Hit The Road, Barack
Now It’s Hit The Road, Barack!

It’s not surprising that Niall Ferguson, a former adviser to Sen. John McCain, wrote an article that boldly pointed out Obama’s lies and failures. It is, however, shocking in the extreme that Newsweek not only published it but ran it as their August, 2012 cover story.

Obviously, Obama The Destroyer has stumbled, stepped on his own feet of clay, and brought himself to ruin.

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