I'm A Grognard

I'm A Grognard
Yes, I’m A Grognard

Oh yes. I am very much a grognard. I started play Dungeons & Dragons in 1977 with the Holmes edition of Basic D&D. And, yes again. I do have dice older than you in all likelihood. Hellfire! I’ve got dice older than some – probably most – of your parents. 😛

Oh, and I do still have dice just like those from the old game sets when that was the only way you could get dice other than 6-sided.

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Beholder! 'Tis Autumn

Beholder! 'Tis Autumn
Beholder! ‘Tis Autumn

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, than here’s a beautiful Autumn upon us.

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Thanksgiving Gaming

Say grace and roll for initiative
Say Grace And Roll For Initiative

OK, OK! I know the non-gamers out there won’t get this and, Hellfire, even the younger gamers may not since roleplaying games have changed a lot since the old Dungeons & Dragons days. Still, for you old-timers out there, enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and the laugh.

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