Wrong Choices

Criminals, especially the low-order thugs specializing in- and limited to violent crimes, make and repeat poor choices in their lives. Inherently, this poor decision making capability is why they’re criminals in the first place.

Remember, however, that there is a difference between poor choices in the context of long-term success or failure and wrong choices in the context of immediacy.

Wrong Diner

Wrong Girl

Wrong House

While there’s a whole lot wrong with these videos – this is to be expected from commercials – there’s a whole lot right about them as well. They show citizens, either law enforcement personnel or normal civilians, making a criminal’s poor choice a wrong choice as well.

Evolution In Action

It’s really odd and frustrating that the Liberals and Progressives are so dead-set against the citizenry being armed and able to ensure that criminals’ poor choices are also very wrong choices with heavy consequences. They claim to be staunch advocates of Darwinism and evolution but fail to understand that evolution of sophants is, by and large, a case of intelligent design. Society far more than natural effects determines and individual’s fitness for survival and breeding.

Removing a criminal, especially a violent thug, from society either through extermination or lengthy incarceration followed by lasting social disapprobation and stigma goes a long way towards removing unsuccessful and atavistic genes from the race, either directly and immediately through extermination or secondarily through eliminating or sharply curtailing the thugs’ ability and opportunity to reproduce.

Civic Responsibility

I will also posit that, while an individual does not have a responsibility or duty to improve the race through culling the defectives within it, he or she does have the civic responsibility and duty to protect themselves from harm rather than to solely rely upon others to do so.

It is simply not right for people to demand and enjoy the privileges of a society while willfully refusing to discharge the basic responsibilities of a member of that society. Those who do willfully refuse to do so are not members of their society; they are parasite upon it.

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