Clean Underwear?

Clean Underwear?
Clean Underwear? Really?

Yeah, by the bulk of society’s estimates and feelings, I’m old. Hence, this is funnier to me than to many others… because parents actually said this to us in my day. Not mine, mind you, but a lot of them.

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Imperial Hippies

The AT-AT of the Imperial Hippies. It’s a new and more threatening version of the 1960’s hippies’ VW Microbus that is perfectly and poetically suited to the modern era.

Imperial Hippies and their VW Microbus AT-AT
VW Microbus AT-AT

I really don’t think it was the intent of the Star Wars fan who crafted this odd piece of fan art to so aptly sum up what the hippies have turned into, but he or she succeeded nonetheless.

In American society and politics, the hippies of the 1960’s have metamorphosed into an evil empire of Liberal baby boomers hell-bent on imposing an authoritarian regime…for our own good of course.

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