C'Ya Next Year!

C'Ya Next Year!
C’Ya Next Year!

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas, aka Christmastide are over and I assume Santa is off for some much-deserved rest, relaxation, and recreation. 😉

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2021, 10th Day Of Christmas

We’ve Reached The 11th Day Of Christmas

Well, we’ve made it to the 10th Day of Christmas and Christmastide is winding down. Still, though, there’s still some time to celebrate it.

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2021, 4th Day Of Christmas

The 4th Day Of Christmas 2021

Just some beautiful reminders that this is the 4th Day of Christmas, this 2021st year of the modern calendar. Also, reminders that, since you’re probably still working from home, you can celebrate any time during the day. 😉

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12th Night

It’s 12th Night, Ending Christmastide

Since it’s 12th Night – or, tomorrow is, if you use the Anglican calendar – I figured it was right to close out the season with more presents I’m pretty sure we’d all like to open. 😀

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‘Tis Still The Season

‘Tis Still The Season – Keep Feeling it!

Yeah, here’s the thing – Christmas actually starts the Christmas Season, not ends it. The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas and go to January 5th, which is Twelfth Night. So, it’s A-OK to continue to enjoy some Christmas cheer. 😉 And continuing to unwrap these sorts of presents is encouraged.

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