Have Some Snownuts

Have Some Snownuts

Sometimes you want a sweet breakfast, even in Winter. So why try some snownuts if you can manage to get some?

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3 Responses to “Have Some Snownuts”

  1. Buffet Says:

    As a bodybuilder, I can tell you, I have not eaten a dognut (not a typo) since I was a child. All about me on any given morning they are being consumed in mass quantities like Coneheads consume fried chicken embryos and strips of swine flesh. The dudes who eat them all look as if they’re pregnant – yet they’re always lamenting how fat they are and wondering how it happens!! DUH! I seriously wonder if half of them know where babies come from?

    All that aside, I would eat anything she offered me! Let’s hope the feeling is mutual!

  2. jonolan Says:

    Hehe…I’m one of the exceptions that annoys most people. I eat more than few donuts and a lot of eggs and bacon, though most of the bacon is turkey bacon, and I’m one of those lean, leathery people (approx 5% body fat).

  3. Buffet Says:

    I average 30-36 eggs a day minimum. My bf is likely about double yours. I never lose sight of my serratus and intercostals though.

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