Apocalypse’s Soundtrack

Has it occurred to anyone that the prophesied Apocalypse might, due to Augmented Reality and the growth of portable – soon to be wearable – computing power, have a soundtrack?  While this is quite obviously unknowable, we can guess what format it would be in.

Will That Sooth The Savage Breast? … Sort Of.

Sadly, this means that the music of the End Times will take on a decidedly staccato tempo and lose a great deal of its bass. 😉

Don’t worry though; Steve Jobs or his successors at Apple probably won’t be releasing the iKill or iBurst for your End of Days listening pleasure. They don’t need to since a British firm has been marketing a MP3 player modification to the Kalashnikov (AK-47 series) since 2005!

AK-MP3 Jukebox – Rock and Roll, Boys and Girls!

So the question would be what’s your playlist for Armageddon? Or would you prefer an audio book?

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