Why Liberals Love Chavez

Hugo Chavez - The Venezuelan Howler Monkey - A tin pot socialist dictator with delusion of being a manOne common trend among America’s Leftist domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives is their unwavering love for the Venezuelan Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez.

It’s easy to write this off as the Liberals just, once again, siding with America’s foreign enemies. I think though that recent events have pointed out the flaw in this all-too-easy assumption.

The Liberals and Progressives love this howler monkey with delusion of being a man because he does what they wish their leaders could and would do.

Few had heard of Afiuni until 10 December 2009 when she granted bail to Eligio Cedeño, a banker charged with evading currency controls. He had been in jail for almost three years without trial, exceeding legal limits. He fled and is now in the US seeking asylum.

Chávez, who had taken a close interest in the case, was furious. He went on TV the day after the release and said Afiuni was a “bandit” who took a bribe. “This judge should get the maximum penalty … 30 years in prison! That judge has to pay for what she has done.”

He told the head of the supreme court that the case should be treated with “firmness”. Afiuni was charged with corruption and abuse of power. In May prosecutors said they had found no evidence of illicit payments but accused the judge of “spiritual corruption”. There is no trial date.

Rory Carroll
guardian.co.uk, Friday 14 January 2011

That’s right; Judge Afiuni granted a banker bail – not dismissal of charges, just bail – after he’d been imprisoned for nearly three years without trial and the vermin, Chavez’ response was to have the judge summarily imprisoned for 30 years.

Such powers and actions are exactly what the Leftists within America’s borders crave for and from their leaders. They would love it if Obama did something similar to what Chavez has done – as long as it furthered their class warfare against the productive American society.

Remember and know that, while our domestic enemies rant and rail about “illegal detentions” and GitMo, they would have no such qualms about Obama doing the same thing to the bankers and leaders of Wall Street and would be beyond merely happy if Obama fired or imprisoned any federal judge who did not arranged for these people’s incarceration.

The filth, Hugo Chavez has been, so far, a quite successful Socialist tyrant.  That’s why Liberals love him so.


Keep your eyes open. Travel light but load heavy, and always put another round in the enemy after they’re down. 😉

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