States Rights Hook

failure should be painful and it seemingly is for Obama.

President Obama has to feel like a tired boxer hung up on the ropes with his opponent pummeling away at him. First he and his agenda took a hard blow from Republican Scott Brown’s surprising and substantial defeat of Democrat Martha Coakley for the late Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat.

Now the state legislatures across the nation are now pounding away at one of ObamaCare’s key provision, mandatory health insurance coverage for all Americans.

From Associated Press (AP) via Yahoo News:

Lawmakers in 34 states have filed or proposed amendments to their state constitutions or statutes rejecting health insurance mandates, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a nonprofit group that promotes limited government that is helping coordinate the efforts. Many of those proposals are targeted for the November ballot, assuring that health care remains a hot topic as hundreds of federal and state lawmakers face re-election.

If Scott Brown’s election could be described as a punishing body blow, then 34 out of 50 – 68% and enough, with 4 states to spare, to call a Constitutional Convention – state legislatures moving to block ObamaCare’s insurance mandate must be described as a States Rights hook and one that went straight across Obama’s chin.

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