Just For Laughs

Some would say that this comic image is in poor taste. Others, Americans for example, would probably find it hilarious. Many of the latter would find it even more hilarious were it to really happen.

Leftist Wing-nut ObamaCare Supporter
Wanna Toss Him In With The “Lower Taxes Now” Bunch?

For myself, I think it’s pretty funny as an image and as an idea. It’d make a great reality TV show. We could just drop members of opposing groups in cells together, let them “discuss their differences,” and broadcast the ensuing hilarity for America’s enjoyment. 😉

It’d be like the WWE cage matches, but without the oddly and disturbingly transsexual costumes.

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4 Responses to “Just For Laughs”

  1. Polytic Says:

    Hahahahahaha, but sadly true, where do we think we are going with a health care plan that has been seen to fail in so many other places? Also by lowering many peoples taxes we are taxing big corporations more than they can handle which has caused the high unemployment rate we see today.


  2. jonolan Says:

    Very true, Polytic. Expect it to happen though. All Obama has to do is “convince”Reid to give Pelosi $300B more and the House will supposedly agree to the Senate version and make changes via the “nuclear option.”

    But…Why limit the fun of this to ObamaCare?

    Think of the entertainment value of putting some rowdy soldiers in a cell with protesters from Code Pinko or MoveOn.org? Or some Aryan Nation types in with some Black Panters…

    Reality SMACKDOWN!!!!!!!

  3. Personal Failure Says:

    That is hilarious! And, if debates were Death Cage Matches, I’d probably watch them.

    Oh, no, wait, I just pictured Obama and McCain in tiny, pleather panties.

    Never mind.

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