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America’s domestic enemies, the Liberals and Progressives, have to-date been quite enamored of- and staunchly supportive of Julian Assange’s anarcho-terrorist organization, Wikileaks. They’ve heralded Wikileaks as soldiers in the war against America and her allies and lent whatever material and emotion aid and comfort to Assange and his cronies that they could.

This Is Now

But now that Wikileaks has turned traitor, as it were, to the Liberals’ and Progressives’ cause and published data that indicates the Democrats committed election fraud in order to get their boy, Obama elected, can we expect this to change and for Wikileaks to be a valid target in their eyes?

Wikileaks recently published stolen internal email from the private intelligence and analysis firm, Stratfor which indicate that Black Democrats in Philadelphia, PA and various locations in Ohio did, in fact commit election in the 2008 presidential elections and that Senator McCain knew about it but refused to press charges or go public with the data for the good of the nation.

The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to “out”.

Making public such accusations without deriding editorials, especially when they involve Philadelphia and Ohio where voting “irregularities” were complain of and ignored by the Obama Regime, is a direct violation of current Liberal and Progressive orthodoxy. Will the Left remain silent on such heresy?

Worse perhaps, Wikileaks disseminated the documents without sanitizing them. Those documents hit the public while still pinpointing Blacks as the criminal element having committed election fraud in order to “elect” their First Black President. According to the Leftists’ dogma that’s racist. Will the Liberals and Progressives still support such a racist organization as Wikileaks?

In the wake of Wikileaks’ turning against Obama by publishing evidence of his being “elected” through the criminal activities of Black Democrats will the Liberals and Progressives continue to support and lend aid and comfort to this anarcho-terrorist organization?

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7 Responses to “So…Wikileaks”

  1. zhann Says:

    I think you are grossly misrepresenting Wikileaks supporters as Democrats. You seem to have a tendency to correlate Democrats and Liberals as one unit. While you may not like either of them, that doesn’t make them a single entity.

    I support Wikileaks openly and am openly liberal. However, I am anything but a Democrat. I feel corruption is one of societies greatest problems, and Wikileaks is currently the best way to get to the root of it. Yes, Wikileaks can be a problem for society as well, military secrets should stay secret, but I am not about to condemn Wikileaks for that … I bet that military hole is now closed, thanks to Wikileaks.

    Government needs to fear its people, you know that well. If the governments of the world fear their corruption being made public, a few of them may refrain from doing so. If we identify those that are most corrupt, we may create a slightly better world for our children.

  2. jonolan Says:


    I’m not conflating anything; Democrats are a subset of Liberal and the political party that the vast bulk of the Leftists support against America – and these are the same people who support both Wikileaks and Obama.

    I’m just wondering if they will turn on Wikileaks now.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    I am always just a little suspicious of information that tells me what I want to hear. So I ask how reliable is this report from wikileaks? I would like to know more details about who were the officials caught stuffing ballot boxes and who caught them and who concealed it. The email by itself provides no evidence. It is only what supposedly Fred Burton wrote in his emails.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Don’t mistake my intent. I’m not saying the stolen emails are actual credible evidence of anything. Like everything that Wikileaks publishes, they’re unvetted, unresearched, unqualified, and uncontextualized data-dumps designed to cause as much strife and unrest in the Civilized World as possible.

    But when has this ever stopped America’s domestic enemies when they liked what was leaked?

  5. Alan Scott Says:


    Then the left will only turn on Wikileaks if this information does damage to them ?
    So far it hasn’t, so they have not .

  6. jonolan Says:

    True; they’re more likely to remain silent – especially the LSM – on such heresy unless it gets notoriety.

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