Reverse The Parties

The hypocrisy of the Liberals and Progressives and that of their minority tenants is a thing of unholy proportions, yet it is something that is often overlooked or ignored, much as a longterm unpleasant odor is, after a while, ignored. Yet, all it takes for it to be brought back to our attention is someone completely unexpected mentioning it. Dr. Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University has done just that.

If the GOP was for abortion it'd be called a genocide upon Blacks
Dr. Swain Speaks Truth In Stark Black and White

The Liberals and Progressives, and the Democrat party which panders to- and represents them and the “Black Community” is the party of abortion, whereas Americans, more of than not mislabeled as Conservatives, and their party, the Republicans are usually quite strongly opposed to the wholesale extermination of the unborn.

Those who would decry the phrase, “wholesale extermination,” might be right. At over 1 million unborn babies being killed per annum, that’s beyond wholesale; it’s industrial scale infanticide.

The thing is though that abortion is largely a Black issue, not a White one. Black babies are killed in utero 4.8 times more often than the White babies. To put that in perspective, there are 477 aborted Black children per 1,000 Black live births as compared to only 9 aborted White babies per 1,000 White live births.

But, of course, it’s the Republican Party who are racist.

Reverse the political party in question. Can you imagine the hew and cry that would come from the Left and the ever-eager Black grievance-mongers if it were the Republicans advocating for the expansion and federal funding of a set of programs that was effectively culling the Black population by just under 48% per year? Dr. Swain is 100% accurate; genocide would be the kindest term used by America’s domestic enemies to describe the situation.

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