Parenting Failure

Drowning Obama

One of the most important – arguably the most important – duties that any parent must fulfill is teaching their children to make appropriate, wise, decision in the absence of their parents’ direct oversight. The costs of failing to correctly carry out this duty can be far reaching and horrific.

A case in point:

Four boys were fishing. As their boat rounded a point on the lake, they saw a man thrashing in the water.
With no hesitation, they jumped into the water and saved him.

It was not until they pulled him to shore that they noticed the man they had saved was President Obama, who had slipped away from the Secret Service for a swim.

When President Obama caught his breath, he thanked the four boys and offered them anything they wanted in return for saving his life.

The first boy thought about it for a while and finally answered. “I would like a presidential appointment to West Point so I can serve my country.”

The next two thought that was a great idea, but one said he had always wanted to be a pilot so he would rather attend the Air Force Academy.

The third boy chose the Naval Academy.

The president turned to the fourth boy, who was still thinking.

Finally he answered, “Mr. President, I would like a burial with honors at Arlington National Cemetery”

The president was shocked and asked the boy why he would make such a request at his young age.

The boy replied “Because when my father finds out I saved you, he is going to kill me!”

As you can see, failing to raise their boys correctly and to make correct decisions, exactly a cost to far, far more people than just those children and their immediate families. That’s a significant parenting failure. 😉

So raise your children right. There’s more at stake than might realize.


And yes, the problem with telling Obama jokes is that the boy’s followers don’t think they’re at all funny and Americans don’t think they’re jokes.

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3 Responses to “Parenting Failure”

  1. Buffet Says:

    “When President Obama caught his breath, he thanked the TWO boys and offered…”
    Weren’t there four initially??
    First they were there, then they dwindled to two, then mysteriously morphed back into four?

  2. jonolan Says:

    Whoops! Good catch, Buffet. I’ve fixed that now.

  3. Buffet Says:

    I’ve had several nicknames over the years….Hitman……..The Fixer…..and The editor, to name a few. I’m not crazy about any of ’em – OR Grammar Nazi!
    (You’re very welcome, by the way!)

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